New Two Underway Sans Reznor

Rob Halford is writing and recording a new album, presumably still under the Two moniker, but he won't be utilizing the services of Trent Reznor or Reznor-mate Dave Ogilvie, according to a note on his official website. The previous Two effort, "Voyeurs," was mixed by Ogilvie and listed Reznor as the executive producer.

According to the site, Halford is looking to take on a stronger vocal and guitar sound as opposed to the keyboard-oriented influences found on his last effort, thus James Wooley, who is credited with programming and keyboards, will not be returning either.

Also, missing from the line-up will be John Lowery, who jumped ship to join up with Marilyn Manson. The website says that Lowery wants to be involved in the writing and recording of the new album, but Halford has decided to go with another guitarist.

Two's manager John Baxter declined to say whether they already had a new player in place, or if the next effort will still be on Nothing Records.

The new album is now underway, according to the website, and should be finished in time for a spring '99 release. It's apparently being produced and co-written with Halford associate Bob Marlette.