Guy's Damion Hall Credits "Divine Intervention" For New Album

The three members of Guy were pretty busy with their own individual projects during the group's ten-year hiatus; yet Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall, and Damion Hall still managed to keep in touch.

In the time since the release of Guy's last record, 1990's "The Future," Teddy put out three albums with Blackstreet; Aaron issued a pair solo LPs; and Damion, Guy's youngest member, released a solo album and got his feet wet in the acting biz.

In a recent interview with the MTV Radio Network, Damion Hall said that the regrouped trio's upcoming project, "Guy III," came about through "divine intervention" and that it shouldn't be looked at as a reunion LP.

"A lot of perceptions [people had] was that we had a beef and it was us," Hall said. "And to come back together again and to fool the people and let them know we was always keepin' in touch... We was always family, even throughout the ten years of Aaron doing his albums, and Teddy doing Blackstreet, and me doing my solo album and

doing some acting."

"We always knew what each other was doing," he continued, "and that's why we're back. It's not a reunion, because we always kept in contact with each other and we always were still with each other. But you know, we had to do different things for other reasons."

"Guy III" is slated to hit record stores on January 25, 2000, while the first single, "Dancin,'" is in stores now.