Teddy Riley Steers Mike E's "Master Plan"

Even with a hotly anticipated album from the freshly re-grouped Guy on the way, Teddy Riley is taking time to debut something new.

The force behind Guy and Blackstreet produced and co-wrote the first offering from his protege Mike E, titled "Master Plan." The track is being released to radio this week, with the single due in stores on March 28.

Born Michael Etheridge, the now 24-year-old singer has had Riley's eye since he was 15 and a member of a vocal group called The Neptunes, whose members attended high school next door to Riley's Virginia Beach recording studio.

"Master Plan" is the title track from Mike E's forthcoming debut album, which credits Riley as executive producer. The disc, which is currently due out from Capitol in early 2000, will also feature four other songs Riley wrote with the artist.

Blackstreet's Chauncey Hannibal and Eric Williams supply some background vocals on the disc, while other guests include Karen Anderson, Queen Pen,

and Knowledge the Pirate. Mike E's former Neptunes bandmate Chad Hugo also produced tracks for the record.

As for Riley himself, he's currently gearing up for the release of "Guy III," which is due out January 25 (See "Teddy Riley Focuses On Guy Rather Than Blackstreet's Uncertain Future").

-- Sorelle Saidman

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