Slash: Making His Mark Without Guns

June 30 [7:55 EDT] -- His old band, Guns n' Roses, is pretty dormant, but Slash isn't lacking for anything but time.

In the flesh, Slash is about to go back out on the road yet again for another mini-tour with his "fun band" Bluesball playing cover songs at various clubs around the country. The guitarist just returned from England last weekend where he played a show with a 'Marshall Jam Band' endorsing Marshall amps.

On the tube last week, ESPN viewers saw Slash and Matt Sorum playing the X-Games theme song. Just prior to that, Slash played on the sessions and shot a video with Blackstreet's Teddy Riley for a remake of the Blackstreet hit, "Fix" (not an unusual musical marriage given Slash's long time association with funk king Nile Rodgers). And according to his manager Tom Maher, Slash is close to signing a deal for another film soundtrack as well as an animated TV series.

On the record front, this month, Slash is on the Insane Clown Posse's new album, "The Great

Milenko," although, as we reported June 27, all 100,000 copies of the Detroit band's record have been recalled by their Disney-owned label for using obscene language.

Slash also appears on the first scheduled single, "Hall of Illusions." The guitarist also appears on the new Michael Jackson album, although Maher says the tracks are remixes from sessions cut for Jackson's previous "HIStory" album. ("I guess that's why Michael was trying to get a hold of us, before," says Maher). MTV viewers saw Slash performing with Jackson on the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards.

Next month, July 29 to be exact, sees the release of "Alice Cooper Live: A Fistful of Alice" featuring Slash on "Lost In America," "Only Women Bleed" and "Elected," the latter along with Rob Zombie.

Recently while overseas on a trip to Spain where he played on a couple of songs and a video for Spanish star Maria Sanchez, Slash also wrote and played with former Guns n' Roses mate Izzy Stradlin for a Stradlin

solo album (very) tentatively scheduled for a release later this year.

Meanwhile, Slash's own primary recording project, Slash's Snakepit, is waiting in the wings. Maher says their search for a vocalist yielded 300 demo tapes which have now been narrowed down to six serious contenders, according to Maher, all unknowns. Slash has been writing songs and building a new studio in preparation.

And Guns n' Roses? In an interview with a reporter in England last weekend, Slash was mostly gracious concerning his former cohorts, but he did take a little shot at singer Axl Roseãand he confirmed that Sorum was no longer with the band.

"There's no animosity between the band members because we've always been the workhorses and we relate to each other," Slash told the interviewer. "The problem is between Axl and Izzy, Axl and me, Axl and Duff even, and Matt just got firedä"

The report was denied by G n' R's label and management, who say the band, with the exception of Slash, is

intact and still preparing to record a new album with producers Mike Clink and Moby.

We'll see.