The Search For Axl Rose

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BRYN BRIDENTHAL, Head of Publicity, Geffen Records: He's been doing a lot of reading, and also learning new instrumentation -- he's been learning to play guitar.

KEARSE: Is this album in a sense a solo project, since mostly all of the original members of the band are apparently not going to be on this album?

BRIDENTHAL: I wouldn't assume that.

ABBIE: Is there going to be a new Guns N' Roses album before the year 2000?

BRIDENTHAL: The world's most frequently asked question, but all I can tell you is that there will be an album when Axl says it's done.

SERENA: Rose is now working with techno star Moby, although they haven't started recording yet. He's also said to be putting together a new, experimental Guns N' Roses lineup that will include original bassist Duff McKagan. Apparently, Rose does get out of the house once in a while, as he was recently spotted at a Radiohead concert in L.A.