Green Day's Back, And They Don't Care What You Think

September 2 [14:00 EDT] -- Green Day is set to return to record racks this fall with a new album, but are the guys worrying about how they will be received?

"I don't really give a rat's ass what anybody thinks of this record because I know I like it," the group's frontman Billie Joe told MTV News during a break in the studio.

After busting out in a big way with 1994's "Dookie" (and helping to jump start the 90's punk pop movement in the process), the band found a cooler reception for its next effort, 1995's "Insomniac."

Well aware of how fleeting chart success can be, Green Day won't be sweating sales figures when "Nimrod" arrives on October 14, but that doesn't mean they're slacking in the studio.

"This record, more so than any other record, I think we sort of bled over this one a little more," Billie Joe said. "I mean, this is a record I've been wanting to make since the band pretty

much started." [1.1MB QuickTime].

The band takes a few surprising musical turns on "Nimrod," and rolls out a few lyrical tricks as well, like on the bouncing track "King For A Day" [1.4MB QuickTime], which covers some off-beat subject matter.

"This song is about dressing in drag," Billie Joe explained. "The idea behind it is try to get fraternity guys singing like an oi song." [1.4MB QuickTime].

Having shot the album's first video, "Hitchin' A Ride," last week, the band should it the road next month in support of "Nimrod."