Chris Vrenna Reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" For "Godzilla"

Studio sources are reporting that former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna is in an L.A. facility reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the soundtrack to the much heralded Godzilla movie due in May.

The song is not a standard remix, says a source close to the project. Vrenna is adding new elements which are being produced, edited and programmed into the original song. "Brain Stew" was originally on Green Day's 1995 "Insomniac" album.

Godzilla soundtrack coordinator Peter Afterman will not confirm any specific artists for the film, but he will say that most of the 14 or 15 tracks that will be on the album are courtesy of multi-platinum artists. Afterman's previous projects include Howard Stern's Private Parts and the recent Robert Duvall offering, "The Apostle."

Most of the tracks are also reported to be original songs with the Green Day reworking a notable exception. Previous media reports had Jamiroquai making a pitch for the lead track, but from

all indications, their involvement is still not confirmed. Off the record sources close to the band say they are still negotiating.

"Godzilla" premieres May 18th at New York City's Madison Square Garden.