Green Day Considers Horror Soundtrack For Next Album

Green Day, which finally won a Video Music Award last week after walking away empty-handed from 13 previous nominations, are currently mulling over its next project -- part of which may include scoring the soundtrack for a horror film.

Green Day told MTV backstage at the VMAs that it had been kicking around various ideas, including the possible soundtrack, but admits that the subject and style of any new album would be determined by the type of songs the band pens next.

"I don't know," offered drummer Tre Cool to the MTV Radio Network, "we're thinking about [doing the horror movie soundtrack], but it's all like a bunch of really bad ideas right now."

"We have so many ideas it's ridiculous," added frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, "but sometimes you have to settle down and just get back to writing songs, not

think about the ideas as much and just let the songs tell us what to do." [28.8 RealAudio]

In related news, Billie Joe and wife Adrienne are expecting a new child, the couple's second, to be born in the next few days.