Green Day Video Shoots On Schedule

Fans looking to be extras in a new Green Day video being shot for a soundtrack song from the forthcoming movie "Varsity Blues," were disappointed to hear the shoot was canceled, however, the shoot did in fact take place.

A spokesperson for Hollywood Records fessed up that when KROQ announced on-air that the shoot for the song "Nice Guys Finish Last," would be happening, the people in charge of the location, a Los Angeles area college campus, almost pulled the plug. The campus officials had envisioned hordes of Green Day fans descending on their facility and subsequently pulled the permit. But once the cancellation was announced, the campus relented and the taping went on as scheduled Sunday and Monday.

The video, directed by newcomer Evan Bernard, features a humorous football theme that sees the band members performing on the field of the school's football stadium.

Meanwhile, Green Day's Tre Cool has apparently been offered a small part as a computer nerd

in a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but at press time it wasn't clear if he has accepted the role. A publicity spokesperson didn't have that information.