Green Day To Issue "Warning" In October

With the launch of this summer's Vans Warped tour less than one month away, the pop-punk purveyors of Green Day are currently holed up in an Oakland studio feverishly recording tracks for the follow-up to 1997's "Nimrod."

Of course, the trio's slot on the Warped tour has little to do with the band's current pace, as Green Day rarely lets a spare second float by in the studio.

"We're not really sprinting. We're working at the same pace, but it's a pretty fast pace for recording," Green Day drummer Tre Cool told MTV News from the studio. "We're faster than every other band, pretty much. That's what I've been told." [RealAudio]

Taking production duties into their own hands this time, the group hit the studio on April 1, ran a tight ship, and consequently hopes to have its new album, which currently bears the title "Warning," in stores on October 3.

While Green

Day hit the studio less than two months ago, the band has been preparing for "Warning" for the better part of two years. "Literally, we could play the album, all our parts, without the other guys there. We know the songs so well," Tre said. "We practiced for a long time, like two years. We've been practicing and writing songs and playing them and playing them and writing new songs and playing them and playing them and just hanging out at home with our families and getting together every day, five days a week, playing. People think we're off in Hawaii kicking back and sh**, but we're in Oakland playing our jams." [RealAudio]

While practice has made for an efficient recording process, it is also making for an album that Tre describes as "f***ing amazing."

"It's got depth. It's got different layers," Tre said. "It's like each song has its own life, each song has its own feel, its

own vibe....

Each song could be its own album. It's not like everything is totally wacky. It's not like The Who's 'A Quick One' or anything like that. It's not like tangents. Everything is very well thought out and well placed on the record."

While final song titles remain to be decided on, Tre said that "Warning," "Macy's Day Parade," "Dead Beat Holiday," and "Untitled" will likely turn up, as will some sonic surprises. The drummer notes that the new tracks have "deeper" grooves at their core courtesy of Tre and bassist Mike Dirnt, and some acoustic guitar parts, though "not sappy acoustic... more aggressive, percussive acoustic."

Tre also promises a somewhat sunnier lyrical outlook this time around, as frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has infused his songs with a more positive tone (at least relatively speaking) this time out. "They're not all downers," Tre explained. "I suppose people have described other songs we have as being happy music, and then once you get into the lyrics, it's

like, 'Oh f***, that's kind of dark.' I don't think there's as much of that going on. You've still got some of that. It's got the sarcasm, it's got the snottiness, but it's got a little light at the end of the tunnel."

That light may be coming from the onrushing Warped tour, which gets rolling on June 23 in Fresno, California. "Warning" should be in the can by then, as Tre notes that it will be about a month until "we have a disc that we can flaunt and brag about."

If you want to see Tre and company gloat, or if you want to encourage them to try out some of their new material, here's where you can catch Green Day on the Vans Warped tour:

  • 6/23 - Fresno, CA @ CSUF Amphitheatre
  • 6/24 - Chula Vista, CA @ Coors Amphitheatre Parking Lot
  • 6/25 - Phoenix, AZ @ Manzanita Speedway
  • 6/27 - Las Vegas, NV @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • 6/28 - Ventura, CA @ Ventura County Fairgrounds
  • 6/29 - Anaheim, CA @ Arrowhead Pond Parking Lot
  • 6/30 - Anaheim, CA

    @ Arrowhead Pond Parking Lot

  • 7/1 - San Francisco, CA @ Pier 30/32
  • 7/2 - Lake Tahoe, CA @ Boreal Ridge Resort
  • 7/3 - Nampa, ID @ Idaho Center
  • 7/4 - George, WA @ The Gorge
  • 7/6 - Calgary, AB @ Race City Speedway
  • 7/7 - Bozeman, MT @ Bozeman Fairgrounds
  • 7/8 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Utah State Fairpark
  • 7/9 - Brighton, CO @ Adams Co. Fairgrounds
  • 7/11 - Minneapolis, MN @ HHH Metrodome Parking Lot
  • 7/12 - Tinley Park, IL @ New World Music Theatre
  • 7/13 - Cleveland, OH @ The Flats At Nautica
  • 7/14 - Camden, NJ @ Blockbuster - Sony Ctr.
  • 7/15 - New York, NY @ Randalls Island
  • 7/16 - Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony Lot
  • 7/17 - Syracuse, NY @ State Fairgrounds
  • 7/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Iron City Light Amphitheatre
  • 7/19 - Buffalo, NY @ La Salle Park
  • 7/20 - Boston, MA @ Suffolk Downs
  • 7/21 - Montreal, QC @ Parc Des Illes
  • 7/22 - Barrie, ON @ Molson Park
  • 7/23 - Pontiac, MI @ Phoenix Center Street
  • 7/25 - Bristow,

    VA @ Nissan Pavilion

  • 7/26 - Norfolk, VA @ Naval Base
  • 7/27 - Knoxville, TN @ Chilhowee Park
  • 7/28 - Jacksonville, FL @ Fairgrounds
  • 7/29 - Miami, FL @ AT & T Amphitheater
  • 7/30 - Orlando, FL @ Cent. Florida Fairgrounds
  • 7/31 - Panama City Beach, FL @ Club LaVela