Jerry Garcia Estate Settled

Jan. 16 [8:00 EST] -- Jerry Garcias' ex-wife Carolyn Garcia, better known by the moniker Mountain Girl, won her claim to the late guitarists estate in a ruling handed down Wednesday.

San Rafael, California family court judge Michael Dufficy ruled that Garcias widow, Deborah Koons Garcia, must honor a $5 million divorce agreement that the Grateful Dead leader entered into with Mountain Girl before his death in 1995.

Mountain Girl, who had two children with the guitarist during their relationship (which lasted, off and on, from 1967 through the early 90s), was reportedly overjoyed with the judges decision, saying, "All Jerry was trying to do was take care of his family commitments. I think he'd be happy."

Deborah Koons Garcia, however, was not happy, and her lawyers told reporters that she would appeal the case.

Judge Dufficy upheld a brief, one-paragraph divorce settlement that Garcia signed in 1993 in which he agreed to pay Mountain Girl at least $250,000

a year for the next 20 years. Koons Garcia had claimed that Mountain Girl took advantage of the late guitarist and urged him to sign the agreement while under the influence of drugs. Garcia had been living with the terms of the agreement, and had paid Mountain Girl $400,000 before his death. Koons Garcia then cut off the payments, and the dispute made its way to the courts.

Judge Dufficy pointed to Garcias previous payments to Mountain Girl in his decision, saying, "Jerry honored the agreement while he was alive... Jerry's estate cannot rescind the contract after Jerry is gone."

This will not be last time Garcias estate is discussed in court. A gaggle of the late guitarists friends, lovers, and hangers-on have filed various claims against the Garcia estate that could chew up more than $30 million.