Grateful Dead Reunion Still Just An Idea

September 24 [16:00 EDT] -- It seems that "Wired" magazine's website might have gone a bit overboard in reporting that the remaining members of the Grateful Dead were going to reunite on New Year's Eve 1999 to launch "Terrapin Station," an interactive multi-media venue.

Dead spokesperson Dennis McNally tells MTV News that former Dead bassist Phil Lesh mentioned that it would be nice if the other members got together to celebrate the opening of their "dream," but that's all.

What's more, "Terrapin Station," named after a dead album, is nothing but a projection right now, one that will cost about $40 million to create.

It would include a venue for live performances, a holographically-enhanced dance hall, an archive that allows visitors to create custom CDs, and a center for those who want to research the history of experimental music.

In an effort to make this a virtual reality, the Dead are holding what McNally calls "our bake sale," offering various collectibles

over the next few years.

First up is a three-CD set of a show the Dead played on March 15, 1990 in Landover, Maryland, on Lesh's 50th birthday.

Fans can snag the set for a limited time by calling 1-800-CAL-DEAD.

Meanwhile, former Dead drummer Mickey Hart is still putting out a world music series through Rykodisc, and has just produced three albums focusing on music indigenous to the Philippines and Brazil.