Lesh Says Grateful Dead Will Reunite

September 25 [17:00 EDT] -- Depending on who you talk to, the Grateful Dead may be playing a reunion show after all.

A day after a Dead spokesperson said that "Wired" magazine's website may have jumped the gun in reporting that the surviving members of the Dead would reunite for a show on New Year's Eve of 1999, the magazine told MTV News that no less a Dead authority that bassist Phil Lesh confirmed the gig.

"Wired" says that Lesh's comment on the impending reunion show, which would launch the band's interactive playland Terrapin Station, "The survivors will play."

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the band told MTV News that in his estimation the show, and Terrapin Station for that matter, were both still in the planning stages.

However, on Thursday, "Wired" senior culture writer Steve Silberman (who penned the story for the site) told MTV News that the information came from an interview with Lesh, who was emphatic about the reunion concert.


anyone went overboard, it was Lesh - not me, and not Wired News," Silberman said via e-mail.