39th Annual Grammy Awards

JOHN: The night before the Howard Stern premiere party, Madison Square Garden played host to a more subdued gala: the 39th Annual Grammy Awards. It was quite a night for Beck, Babyface, the Fugees and Toni Braxton, among others, while the Smashing Pumpkins and No Doubt were both rather disappointed. Kurt Loder has the whole story.

KURT LODER: Grammy monstrous Celion Dion doesn't actually do anything by herself, of course. It took a dozen producers to put her hit album together, so many, the singer was cut off before she could praise them all.

CELINE DION: (at podium with Grammy) I'd like to thank all the writers, and the producers, and the musicians, and... (orchestra begins to cut her off).

LODER: Smashing Pumpkins resurrecting that old "hullabaloo" go- go spirit from the 1960's in their performance of "1979", wound up winning in only one of the seven categories in which they were nominated.

BILLY CORGAN: Yeah, good luck on your award Kurt.

LODER: Touchy, touchy. In fact all of the big album of the year nominees went home clutching at least one Grammy of some sort.

TABITHA SOREN: Did you feel disappointed that you didn't win best album of the year?

BECK: I was satisfied with two, I would say, but...

SOREN: You only got two hands.

BECK: I was ready to jump up onto Sting's lap, I was ready to jump on his ass.

SOREN: I'm sure he would let you do that anyway.

LODER: Despite all the multi nominations for certain acts, in the end, no one performer dominated this year's Grammys, certainly no one surprising. With little suspense in the awards themselves, it was left to the Grammy performers to pump up some excitement, and the most seasoned pro's among them definitely delivered.

BABYFACE: That almost brought tears to my eyes. I was going like this (blinking


LODER: Not so lucky were the chart ruling, ska popsters, No Doubt, foiled in their bid for the best new artist Grammy by upstart country kid, Leann Rimes.

JOHN NORRIS: (holding up fake Grammy) Do you want this one?

GWEN STEFANI, No Doubt: Oh, can we have that one?

JOHN NORRIS: No problem. We're about to tear down the set anyway.

STEFANI: Only for our parents, you know. I won't tell my grandma that we lost, I'll just be like, "Grandma look" (holding up fake Grammy).

JOHN: A few other winners of note: Rage Against The Machine's "Tire Me" for best metal performance, LL Cool J's "Hey Lover" for best rap solo, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Crossroads" for best rap group performance, Toni Braxton for best female vocal in both the pop and r&b categories, and Hillary Clinton for best spoken word recording.

Babyface, by the way, has reportedly been approached by the Rolling Stones, of all people, to do some work on their next

album. The Stones are also said to be talking with Beck's producers, The Dust Brothers. In fact, we'll have a closer look at the Dust Brothers later in our show.

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