New York Mayor Airs Gripes About Grammy President

A spokesperson for the mayor told MTV News that Giuliani fully supports the Grammy Awards, but will not become personally involved in the ceremony as long as Michael Greene is the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences which stages the Grammys each year.

When faced with the idea that the annual event might return to a West Coast locale after this year's ceremony at his city's Radio City Music Hall on February 25, Giuliani told reporters gathered at his regularly scheduled daily news briefing that he doesn't care if he loses the annual music industry fête.

"If they want to go back to L.A., they can," Giuliani told the press.

The mayor's comments are the latest byproducts of a strained relationship that extends back to January of this year when Fiona Apple, Usher, Paula Cole, Wyclef Jean, Shawn Colvin, and a number of artists announced this year's nominees at a press conference in Radio City.

Mayor Giuliani was asked to unveil a few of the nominees, and was bumped from the proceedings. The mayor's office has told the press that when an aide asked NARAS president Michael Greene to explain why the mayor had been cut, Greene screamed, "I'm not going to let a bunch of suits come into this party and tell me what to do."

Giuliani told the Associated Press that Greene also swore at his aide, and "used language with her you shouldn't use and not only hasn't promptly apologized for it, but is lying about it."

Spokespeople for the Grammys have told the press that they have no problem with the mayor's office or with Giuliani, but Greene's office had no comment when contacted by MTV News.

During his meeting with the press, Giuliani went on to say that losing the Grammy Awards, which bring an estimated $40 million into the New York economy, wouldn't worry him.

"We could replace the Grammys in about a day," Giuliani told the gathered press. "You say we're going to lose $40 million. We'll replace that with three other things in a day. I'm serious. We'll replace the prestige of the Grammys."

The New York press had made much of the fact that Giuliani will not be attending this year's Grammy Awards, but the mayor's office notes that Giuliani has not attended in years past, and his absence this year should not be seen as a boycott.

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