Gov't Mule Walks "Bad Little Doggie" Single

Southern rock power trio Gov't Mule is currently on the road, touring in support of its just-released third studio album, "Life Before Insanity," which has already spawned a radio hit with its first single, "Bad Little Doggie."

"Bad Little Doggie" is currently at number 23 on the Rock radio charts, according to "R&R," and the single marks a departure of sorts for the group, which has previously earned its rep via the band's extended live jams and three-hour-plus concerts.

Gov't Mule frontman and guitarist Warren Haynes recently talked with MTV News about "Bad Little Doggie," a song that was cut in the studio as almost an afterthought to the "Life Before Insanity" LP.

"When we wrote 'Bad Little Doggie,' we were looking back at what we had recorded," Haynes said, "which was the majority of the record

at that point, and we

had been talking with our producer and with our manager about what we felt like was missing from the record.

"We felt like the record had so many nice different directions on it, but the one thing that was missing was a nice, concise, to the point, straight-ahead rock song. [One that] didn't go through any tempo changes or any dynamic changes, it just rocked all the way through.

"So we sat down in the studio actually and wrote 'Bad Little Doggie,'"
he continued, "and it really came together really quickly. You can't trust those situations [when they pop up]. Sometimes they turn out great, and sometimes they don't.

"But in this case, it actually turned out really good, and we got a take on it really quickly. And we all loved it, and the next thing you know, people are really excited about that song, which was a nice feeling for us. But we definitely don't recommend working that way, at

least for

ourselves." [RealAudio]

Gov't Mule is next scheduled to kick up a musical storm at the Vogue Theatre in Indianapolis on March 27, followed by the Metropol in Pittsburgh on March 28 (see "Gov't Mule Plans N.Y. Release Parties, Tour").