Nina Gordon Leaves Veruca Salt

The future of Veruca Salt is in doubt with Chicago daily newspapers the Tribune and the Sun Times both reporting that co-founder Nina Gordon has inexplicably left the Chicago-based group fronted by her and Louise Post.

No explanation has been offered by Gordon or her representatives. The papers report that it seemed to be as much of a surprise to the band's label and management as the fans -- there had been no reports of strife or dissension. The Tribune reports that Geffen issued a statement on Friday that acknowledged the split but only offered up a terse "the future of the group remains uncertain."

The paper also said that both Gordon and Post had recently been discussing solo albums prior to recording a third Veruca Salt record.

Gordon's brother, drummer Jim Shapiro, left the group before it headed out on the road in support of its latest album, "Eight Arms To Hold You." Shapiro was replaced by former Letters To Cleo drummer Stacy Jones, who joined Gordon,

Post and bassist Steve Lack.

Gordon and Post formed Veruca Salt in 1992 and made their recording debut with the album "American Thighs" the following year. The record, initially released on the independent Minty Fresh label, was soon picked up by Geffen. The band's first hit was a Gordon song, "Seether." They recorded their second effort, the aforementioned "Eight Arms," last year under the auspices of metal producer Bob Rock. That record's most successful single was Gordon's "Volcano Girls."