Veruca Salt Resurrected With "Resolver"

Louise Post's Veruca Salt has a title and a release date for its new album. The record is scheduled for release April 4 with the title "Resolver." The first single is expected to be a song called "Born Entertainer."

The album and the tour that will follow marks the official debut of the all new line-up Post put together following the departure of co-founder Nina Gordon early in 1998 (see "Veruca Salt: New Band, New Look, New Label"). Veruca Salt now includes guitarist Post backed by drummer Tasty Jimmy Madla, guitarist Steve Fitzpatrick, and bassist and backup singer Suzanne Sokel.

The group has been on a brief low-key club tour for the past two weeks and will play three more dates before the end of the year, including a January 30 show in Detroit and a New Years Eve performance in Columbus, Ohio. Beyond Records' Ashley Smith tells MTV News that that it's too soon to confirm any touring plans, as they're considering

the possibility of touring with another act.

On a related note, Post was in the audience at Chicago's Metro Friday night (December 17) for a show with recent tourmates The Cupcakes, and had a front row seat to a minor brawl that started as a fight between Cupcakes singer Preston Graves and a member of the audience. That group also features drummer Matt Walker, best known for his stints with Filter and the Smashing Pumpkins.

In other Post news, the Illinois Entertainer reports that the singer will be producing the new music from former Emil Muzz member Gina Crosley, who now fronts the band Rockitgirl. Smith confirmed to MTV that Post was involved in outside production projects, but had no knowledge of any specifics.