Goodie M.O.B. Discuss Heading For The Hills For New Album

The Atlanta-based rap quartet Goodie M.O.B. released their new album "Still Standing" this week, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 1995 debut, "Soul Food."

But before the band sat down to work on the new record, the Goodie M.O.B. took a retreat of sorts into the Georgia mountains, an experience the band said brought them closer together as well as cleared their minds.

"It was a real good experience for us to get together," said rapper T-Mob, "and have to cook for each other and have to live with just us four for a whole week. I mean, we did it on tour, but there was a lot of different people around."

"But it was just us four up in the mountains," continued T-Mob. "No work to do, no in-stores, no press, no nothing, just straight up grilling and cooking, and we were shooting in the woods. All kinds of stuff. It was fun -- we had a good time."

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The Goodie M.O.B. will play Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana on May 2 and plan to head out on the road for a more extensive tour in the summer and early fall.