Goodie M.O.B. Cuts Track With Outkast, Wants To Break Hip-Hop Cycle

The Goodie M.O.B. recently headed into a studio with fellow Atlantans Outkast to collaborate on a song called "Y'all Scared" for that group's new album, which should arrive in stores in late September.

Meanwhile, the M.O.B., who made its debut on a cut from Outkast's first album, "Southern-playa-listic-cadillac-music," is preparing to release the third single, "Beautiful Skin," off its already-gold sophomore record, "Still Standing."

For "Still Standing," the rap outfit made a conscious effort to do something a little different and break out of the all-too-typical hip-hop patterns.

"I think we're going to break the cycle of hip-hop being known for just pursuing black people," M.O.B. member Khujo said in an interview with the MTV Radio Network. "We did an album that's universally influenced... We're gonna bring in everybody in the world."

"I think we're gonna touch them in some kind of way," he said, "because we're just talking our art and rapping it over a genre of music

that they might love. So we're expanding us and we're expanding our listening audience at the same time."

The Goodie M.O.B. are currently playing spot dates throughout the country to support "Still Standing."