TLC Joins Goodie M.O.B. For New Video

After taking the stage at the Grammy Awards last week, the ladies of TLC met up with Goodie M.O.B. in Los Angeles last weekend to shoot a video for the hip-hop quartet's new single.

Goodie M.O.B.'s cut "What it Ain't" sees the group get some help from their fellow Atlantans, and the ladies rejoined Goodie M.O.B. on Saturday and Sunday for the shoot. Director David Meyers presided over the on-set proceedings, while producer Dallas Austin manned the boards for the track.

"We had to solidify ourselves," Cee-Lo told the MTV Radio Network of the song. "Now is just the right time. We laid a hell of a foundation as far as groundwork is concerned, and our underground respect and notoriety is incomparable. We're ready to make that move."

"What it Ain't" is the second single from Goodie M.O.B.'s third album, "World Party," which has already reached gold sales status (after selling more than 500,000 copies). The video for "What It Ain't" should surface in about three