Goo Goo Dolls Return To "Iris" And "Slide" Director For New Video

Bardawil, now a triple threat for the Goos, also directed the group's videos for "Slide," and "Iris," a track which is featured on both the album "Dizzy Up The Girl," as well as on the "City Of Angels" soundtrack.

While out on location, Goo Goo Dolls' frontman John Rzeznik said that the trio likes working with Bardawil because she really seems to care, and makes the group feel like they're not just props in her video... Plus, he just doesn't like to read all of those predictable video treatments.

"I hate reading video scripts, ya know, 'cause they always sound stupid," Rzeznik told MTV News. "It's like, 'We nail John to a cross. His eyes start to bleed.'"

"Don't forget this, 'And then the band plays,'" drummer Mike Malinin added.

"Yes, 'We're going to capture the band in an intense live performance...,'" Rzeznik continued to riff.

"Unlike no other performance," Malinin kicked in.

"That you've seen 5,000 time on MTV," Rzeznik concluded. [28.8 RealVideo]

The performance-less video for "Dizzy" will debut on MTV next week.

Meanwhile, Bardawil is also slated to direct the group's next video "Black Balloon," while the band is in Los Angeles on a short break from touring.