Goo Goo Dolls' Rzeznik Praises PAX's Common Sense

The Goo Goo Dolls and their corporate sponsor, Levi's, threw a benefit party in Los Angeles recently for the anti-gun group PAX, which you may recall was also the organization that helpfully handed out all those little candles at Woodstock '99.

The clothing manufacturer has created a 40-foot-long denim anti-violence mural for the band to take around on tour, and the company is donating a dollar for every fan who signs it, with the ultimate aim being to raise $100,000 for PAX.

MTV News caught up with Goos frontman Johnny Rzeznik at the benefit, and he explained a few of the reasons why the organization appeals to him.

"It's not, like, really so much like an organization that's dedicated to taking guns away from people," Rzeznik told MTV News. "It's just that they're trying to find more common-sense solutions to the gun violence problem [such as] more accountability to people

who own guns, education about gun violence, child safety locks, assault weapons banned. Stuff like that which makes sense." [RealVideo]

PAX staffers are distributing MTV's "Fight For Your Rights" action guides at each stop on the Goos' current tour.

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