Gomez Mines Outtakes, Rarities For "Shopping Trolley"

After releasing a pair of acclaimed albums during the past two years, the British jam band Gomez has cleaned out its archives for a new record, titled "Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline," due out on Virgin Records on October 10.

"Shopping Trolley" collects 15 rarities, B-sides, and outtakes from Gomez's 1998 debut, "Bring It On" and the 1999 follow-up, "Liquid Skin." In the U.S., the album will also be available in a limited-edition package that will include a five-song EP, "Machismo," of material recorded at Peter Gabriel's RealWorld studios in the U.K. in January.

Among the tracks slated for "Shopping Trolley" are live versions of "78 Stone Wobble," "Steve McCroski," and "Rosemary" that Gomez cut for the BBC, as well as the band's cover of the Beatles' "Getting Better" for a TV ad (see "Gomez On Going Commercial For Beatles Cover").

The "Shopping Trolley" and "Machismo" albums are designed to tide fans

over until Gomez heads into the studio next year after a planned sabbatical following tours of Japan and Australia in the fall.

Around the time of the release of "Liquid Skin," Gomez's Ben Ottewell and Olly Peacock told MTV News that the wealth of the material the band had in its cupboards was just a byproduct of the way in which it records in the studio.

"[For 'Liquid Skin'], it's been sort of a year and a half's worth of sticking as much recording time in between doing gigs and everything," Peacock said. "We built a purse of around 25 or 30 songs and just kind of picked the album from that.

"There wasn't any sort of pressure that was coming down on us or anything," he added. "We were just kind of

going at our own pace, and we felt

as though we'd really come out with a good record, and one we wanted to make."

"Once we get in the studio," Ottewell continued, "there's nothing really that can touch us, is there?"

"No, no," Peacock answered.

"It's like we're there in our own little world again," [RealAudio] Ottewell said.

Gomez will play the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the U.K. on August 26 and 27, respectively, and the group has just issued a new single in the U.S., "Revolutionary Kind," from the "Liquid Skin" LP.