Goldie Makes Movie, New Album

Goldie and co-star Andrew Goth (who is also the film's writer and director) play a pair of gangster cousins in Northern England involved in a territorial conflict with the Triads, who are a real-life group of Chinese mobsters. Goldie's character harbors a homosexual obsession for his cousin Ray, which leads to murder and betrayal.

David Bowie, who turns up on a hidden track on Goldie's forthcoming album, has reportedly also been cast as one of Goldie's bisexual underlings in the film.

For this, his second film (he made his debut in "Bombing"), Goldie plans to do an ambient score and soundtrack.

Goldie recently released a double disc version of his album, "Timeless," which initially was available only in the U.K. as a single disc.

Goldie's next release, "Saturnz Return," (due out February 3) will also be a two disc venture, with one CD devoted to an epic sixty minute song called "Mother." The second CD includes the first single called "Temper Temper," a

collaboration with Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.