Godsmack Bears Road Scars For Ozzfest, Woodstock '99

Godsmack is currently out on the road with Ozzfest, but will make a break for an appearance at Woodstock '99 as soon as the venerable metal fest winds down on July 24 at the G.H. Blockbuster Pavilion in Devore, California.

MTV News' Kurt Loder sat down with God Smack, and frontman Sully Erna talked about how the band's on-stage antics can sometimes get out of hand -- even causing some minor injuries to roadies and other members of the group.

"Sometimes I pull a temper tantrum onstage," Erna said, "and I throw things around, but most of the time no one gets hurt. Recently I tossed a guitar to my guitar tech, [which] busted his head open, and gave him nine stitches. Then I caught Tony [Rambola] with a side of a mike stand, which gave him five stitches in his cheek." [RealVideo]

The scar-ridden Godsmack will hook back up with Black Sabbath and another Ozzfest '99 alumna, Drain STH, for

another round of touring, scheduled to kickoff on August 2 in Biloxi, Mississippi.