Ginuwine Defends Good Guys With New Single

Ginuwine is preparing to return to record racks soon, and he knows he has a few new obstacles to overcome this time out.

The R&B hitmaker who scored with his 1996 debut album, "Ginuwine: The Bachelor," admits that he's nervous about what he calls "the sophomore thing," but he has a bigger dragon to slay, namely the lyrical bad rap men have been getting. The singer is hoping to defend the virtue of "good guys" everywhere with his new single, "What's So Different," in which a man kisses off the woman he's been seeing when he discovers she's taken.

"I hear a lot of songs about guys and everything, and I know I take care of my son, and I'm a good father to my kid, and I know I do the right thing when it comes to women and all that, so it's like there are some good guys out here. So I thought I should at least step up and say, 'Look, this is what the deal is,' so that's what that song is about," Ginuwine told the MTV Radio Network recently.

Besides becoming the spokesperson

for stand up guys, Ginuwine has also turned his sights to acting. He recently filmed an episode of the CBS cop series "Martial Law" and hopes to appear in Timbaland's upcoming film project.

He is, of course, also focussing on music, and will release his latest album, "100% Ginuwine," in March.