Ginuwine Describes His Acting Method, Plans New Video

R&B singer Ginuwine made his acting debut last year in the CBS police drama, "Martial Law," and now there's word that he's looking to follow that up with another small screen part.

According to Ginuwine's management company, Blackground Entertainment, the singer has been approached with several TV offers since the "Martial Law" appearance, but he has yet to commit to any of the projects.

The singer hasn't had much of a chance to pursue acting due to the success of his new album, "100% Ginuwine," though he recently assured the MTV Radio Network that he's prepared for whatever roles might come up, and that he's picked up a thing or two about acting already.

"In acting you have to not be yourself," Ginuwine said. "It's like whatever character is put on, you have to just to turn into that person. That's what I'm getting used to now. I've been to acting coaches and everything, but they had to open me up and all that, so now I'm getting better with it."

In the meantime, Ginuwine's

next small screen role will be in the video for his new single, "So Anxious," which is shooting next weekend in Los Angeles.