The Sweet Smell Of Ginuwine

If you're a fan of Ginuwine, chances are you've heard "100% Ginuwine." Soon you'll also be able to smell "100% Ginuwine" yourself.

The R&B singer is currently at work developing and financing his own fragrance line, and he plans to name the men's cologne after his latest album. Ginuwine told the MTV Radio Network that he's particularly excited about the project.

"[It's unique] because everyone wants to be the super producer, everyone wants to be the super label dude, everyone wants to have a clothing line," Ginuwine began. "I don't see no young artists getting into stuff like [fragrances] and that's something that's not touched by us, really. I'm trying to definitely, as a young guy, a young artist, trying to get in [that business] and get my feet wet." [RealAudio]

Ginuwine is also planning a fragrance for women featuring the subtle name "G-Spot." Both "100% Ginuwine"

and "G-Spot" should be in stores by Christmas.

Meanwhile, Ginuwine is planning to kick off a tour with Case, 112, and Donell Jones.