Wu-Tang Clan eCD Offers Tour Of Wu Mansion

May 7 [12:00 EST] -- After three years and five solo albums, the Wu-Tang Clan has finally re-grouped, and is now putting the finishing touches on the group's long-awaited second album, "Wu-Tang Forever."

Those touches include a multimedia component [1.2MB QuickTime] of the disc that offers a potpourri of ancillary delights.

The organizing conceit of the disc's multimedia portion is a tour of the Wu-mansion, starting with visits to the private rooms of each group member and a scanning of their quasi-mystical biographies.

In the basement, visitors can try out Rza's double secret mixing board and peruse the group's videography. There are also hidden Wu messages to hunt down, like this one from Rza:

"Yo, check it out. You flipping through the Wu-Tang's enhanced CD right now. Extra entertainment produced by Loud Records coming at you. So, all you kids, you could skip summer school this year. You ain't gotta go to summer

school, just plug in this CD into your CD-ROM or into your sound system, and just let the sound and lights take you away, and get all the education you need right here. This is where it's at."

The Wu-Tang enhanced CD, brought to you by the same team that produced Mobb Deep's enhanced CD, will hit stores on June 3.