Wu-Tang Set Album Release Date; May Tour With Rage

May 21 [12:00 EST] -- The Wu-Tang Clan have set a release date for its long-awaited second group outing, but its tour plans are still up in the air.

Responding to rumors about a summer tour with Rage Against the Machine, Wu management says it's considering the possibility of kicking off in July, but no plans have been finalized yet.

The group is a bit more certain about the fact that its new album, "Wu-Tang Forever," should hit the streets on June 3. Fans may have already heard the album's first single, "Triumph," on radio stations across the country.

When the album does materialize, the Clan told MTV News that fans in the U.S. will get a slightly different version than European Wu followers.

"There's 27 cuts on the European album. Only 25 on the United States," Rza told MTV News. "You got a solo cut by the Rza, you got a solo joint by Rza, and a bonus remix," Method Man explained about the two bonus tracks on the European version. The explanation never

went much further, since Old Dirty Bastard continued to interrupt the interview by saying, "If I die, the CIA killed me."

"Yeah, you know how they be trying to edit the film, and don't put these parts in, so I gotta make sure these parts are put in, so I keep talking," [1.1MB QuickTime] ODB explained.

Fans should keep an eye out for the European import version of "Wu-Tang Forever" to pick up those bonus tracks. They should probably keep an eye on ODB while they're at it.