Wu's Rza Returns To The Grave

September 2 [10:00 EDT] -- The Wu-Tang Clan's Rza, one of hip-hop's most highly regarded producers, is about to return to his horror-core ways.

The rapper/producer extraordinaire returns with his Gravediggaz on "The Pick, the Sickle, and the Shovel," which should arrive on September 16. Rza produced one track and wrote most of the lyrics for their new album, which features the Wu-Tang MC sporting Freddy Kruger-style nails on the cover.

Before that, Rza will stick with his day job in the Wu-Tang Clan, who will perform with Rage Against The Machine Wednesday in Minneapolis. The tour will then wind up with two shows that are not Wu dates, but Foo dates: the Foo Fighters will open for Rage September 19 in Los Angeles, and September 21 in Phoenix.

You can see the Foo Fighters before that, when they play our Video Music Awards opening act show Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time, with the awards themselves at 8.