Wu-Tang Talks About Leaving Rage Tour, Chicago Assault Allegations

September 9 [10:00 EDT] -- Police in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park are still trying to reach at least four members of the Wu-Tang Clan, who were allegedly involved in an August 30 attack on a promotion man from their label, Loud Records.

So far, no charges have been filed over the alleged attack, which occurred early the morning after the Rage/Wu-Tang show, at Tinley Park's World Theater.

The promo man alleges that he was kicked and beaten by four Wu members, in the group's dressing room, possibly because the group was unhappy about a live radio show he'd booked for them earlier that day.

At last Thursday's Video Music Awards, Wu-Tang's Rza said, "So far most of the stuff I heard about Chicago, I heard from the record companies and from more industry people... I don't really know what happened... I heard it was a fight there."

Rza went on to explain, "Most of the members of the group wasn't even there, like a lot of us didn't show up for that concert.

We were out there, bustin' our butts... because everybody wasn't there... I don't know what happened, you know what I mean, but I've been hearing a lot of stuff from, like the industry. It's like, 'What the hell happened in Chicago?' It's like, 'This and this and this and this,' I'm like, 'Nah, it wasn't nothing to do with us.' But at the same time when you go to a concert, it's many people that get backstage, there's many people that get in your dressing room, there's many things." [1.4MB QuickTime]

That Tinley Park show turned out to be Tang's final date with Rage Against The Machine. It appears that the police investigation had little to do with Wu-Tang's sudden decision to get off the road.

"As far as continuing to tour, we have some things we have to settle some amongst ourselves," Rza said. "We had to get together, we better get together, before we present ourselves to the people. We're not going to go out there and

present ourselves to the people if we don't got our own acts straight, so we're going to take some time and sit back on that."

"It was a phat tour, 15 to 20,000 children with the Wu-Tang sounds up high. I want to send my love out to them," Rza said of the experience.

Apparently though, the Clan had a hard time getting all nine members in one place at one time, specifically at concert venues each night.