Ol' Dirty Discusses Family

Engulfed by more tangible problems this week was Wu-Tang Clan star Ol' Dirty Bastard, whose always eventful life has been even wilder than usual lately.

MTV: There's never been a shortage of candidates for the title of Rap Clown Prince, although few have been as raw or as frequently entertaining as the reigning champion, Ol' Dirty Bastard. Dirty's recorded rants and his real life misadventures have made him something of a hall of famer when it comes to self-indulgence and legal difficulty. But while his reputation has served him well as a performer, it's wreaked serious havoc in his life.

Last week, ODB was arrested in New York City for failure to pay child support for the three children he has with his wife, Icelene. The rapper, whose given name is Russell Jones, and who also has 10 other children with other women, was accused of dodging $35,000 worth of back payments, and was charged with criminal contempt. The experience must have been a jolt, because when ODB came

to our studios on Tuesday to try to explain everything, he was in a fairly rare state: clean, sober and concerned about his kids.

ODB: The kids love Dirty, you know what I mean? Every time they see Dirty, they smile. That automatically make Dirty smile, you know what I mean? I wanna get on my knees and play Lego blocks with them and everything. I just want the right things for them, you know what I mean? Have them, their head on point, you know what I mean? And, I just want the best for them. It's like what any parent wants for their children. Of course I'll pay child support, you know what I mean? I mean, why wouldn't I? You know, I love my children. I love my children just being there as a family, you know what I mean? You know, things just gotta be, you know dealt with, you know what I'm saying? You know, that I gotta deal with and that's what gotta be dealt with and we'll deal with it.

MTV: Perhaps, but Dirty's wife of 13 years has announced plans to file for divorce


ODB: Divorce. That's like, you know, it's just like when Moses parted the Red Sea, well they had to come back together again, you know, and they had to stay back together, you know what I mean? Can't no problems can be so bad that things can't be so good, you know what I mean? I just gotta make it better.

MTV: While Dirty's most recent personal problems are yet to be sorted out, he claims that he's trying to put his old wild ways behind him. That means a renewed commitment to supporting his children and continuing a two month sobriety streak.

ODB: It's like this. For me, being sober reminds me when I was a kid again, you know what I mean? You know, being able to have a clear mind. I ain't the one to lie man, you know? I mean, we all do our things and everything. God know me for being raw, so I gotta keep it raw. You know, if I'm on stage and there's a good show and there's a lot of people, I might

take a sip or two, you know what I mean? That's what brings the energy. But, then again, I might not. I didn't yet, so that's something I feel that I'm gonna keep up [1.4MB QuickTime]

Okay. Ol' Dirty Bastard will have a court hearing on those child support charges on December 19th.