Cappadonna On The Meaning Of "The Pillage"

Emerging as the newest member of the Wu-Tang Clan to score a top five record, Cappadonna enters this week's "Billboard" pop charts at number three with "The Pillage," a title that the rapper says best describes the tumultuous experiences of his inner city life.

Cappadonna sat down with MTV News recently and discussed one such hair-raising incident, when armed police stormed in and raided his apartment -- by mistake.

"One day I get up," Cappadonna said, "you know, me and wifey and my man Blue or whatever. We all chillin' in the lab, doin' our thing, gettin' ready to head it out, goin' out, and like nine jakes kicked my door in -- BOOM! Comin' in, 'You hurt?' Smack my man up a little somethin'. We had to jump down, take cover, all that. They had flashlights on top of their joints. So you know that's pillage right there. That's pillage, kids." [350k Audio]

As we previously reported (see "Cappadonna Editorializes On 'The Pillage'"), Cappa's new album features guest appearances by a variety of Wu-Tangers, including Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killah and Rza.