Killah Priest On Origin Of His Name

With his new album, "Heavy Mental," Killah Priest becomes the latest member of the Wu-Tang Clan to venture out on a solo project, although he's well supported on the record by fellow Wu-Tangers Old Dirty Bastard (aka Big Baby Jesus) and GZA.

The rappers of the Wu-Tang are known for both their steady flow and their heavy handles, and the cast of the Wu includes characters with such names as Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef, and Inspectah Deck, to name a few.

Killah Priest, born Walter Reed, talked with MTV News about the origins of his rather sinister Wu-Tang moniker bestowed upon him by the 60 Second Assassin.

"The name Killah Priest was given to me by brothers," Priest confessed to MTV as he referred to himself in third person, "that was listening to me rhyme, and they noticed the way he was coming down, he's killing the lyrics. But also what he be talking about, a lot of people don't be talking about, and it sounds like a lot of biblical things, but it's just

related to modern day."

As we previously reported (see "Wyclef, ODB, Earth Wind & Fire In ..."), Killah Priest just finished shooting a video with 60 Second Assassin, Wyclef Jean and Earth Wind & Fire for "Shining Star," the debut single from his Wu side project, the religiously-tinged Sunz of Man.