Rza Gets Into Character For "Bobby Digital" Album, Film

Rza, the mad scientist behind the Wu-Tang Clan Empire, will step out of himself this week to release his latest album, a project entitled "Bobby Digital in Stereo."

For the album, Rza was not only behind the boards as the producer, but also took center stage as a performer by rapping in the character of Bobby Digital. The album, which also serves as a soundtrack to an upcoming film by the same name, finds Rza transformed into the role of his alter ego, Bobby Digital -- and just who is this character? Rza attempted to explain it to MTV News as only he could.

"Bobby Digital is, he's a B-boy," Rza said while in full Bobby Digital mode, "a total B-boy who came up from the grain of hip-hop, y'know. But he's also cyber-connected. He has the brain of Rza. So with that kind of mentality inside, inside a person like that, he learns to contend with his lower nature. So whereas Rza will be dealing with

more of his higher nature, Bobby likes to stay with his lower nature." [28.8 RealVideo]

As with most Wu side projects, "Bobby Digital" features appearances by assorted Wu-Tangers, including the red hot Method Man, ODB, Ghostface Killah and Inspectah Deck.