Ol' Dirty Bastard Dismisses Report Of Wu-Tang's Involvement In Gun-Running

Ol' Dirty Bastard is back in a Los Angeles courtroom this week, just days after a New York City grand jury cleared him on charges of attempted murder. A Compton Superior Court judge is hearing motions as to whether two separate charges of terroristic threats against the rapper can be consolidated into a single case, although a formal decision won't be made for a few months.

Dirty was arrested last September for allegedly threatening security guards at L.A.'s "House of Blues," and then again two months later in Carson, California, for allegedly threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend.

In related news, after his press conference in New York last week where he announced plans to pursue a civil suit against the city's police department, ODB responded to allegations made in a "New York Post" article that the Wu-Tang Clan was under a federal investigation for trafficking firearms (see "Wu-Tang Clan Reportedly Under Suspicion Of Gun-Running").

"Wu-Tang don't have to be involved with no guns," ODB said, "we don't have to deal with guns, because we're rap entertainers. I mean, how much guns can you get after you're a rap singer? If you're a rap singer and you come from the ghetto, you're probably going to do something constructive with your life, if you're a wise man. [You're] not doing s*** that will jeopardize your s***. We ain't here to be jeopardizing what we built." [28.8 RealVideo]

ODB has yet to file a formal complaint or serve papers against the NYPD for what he claims was an unwarranted arrest on last month's attempted murder charges, but we'll keep you posted.