Same Ol' Dirty Bastard Song And Dance: Rapper Arrested Again

Ol' Dirty Bastard capped a legal nightmare of a week on Friday by being arrested in New York City for the second time in five days.

Police pulled ODB over in Harlem on approximately 7:30 p.m. on Friday because the car he was driving didn't appear to have a license plate, according to the Associated Press. During the traffic stop, officers discovered that Ol' Dirty was driving on a suspended license.

The recent run-in with authorities comes less than four days after ODB was arrested in Brooklyn, New York after police discovered crack cocaine in the rapper's car during another routine traffic stop (see [article id="1429435"]"Ol' Dirty Bastard Arrested; Police Claim To Have Found Crack In Rapper's Car"[/article]).

ODB was eventually released on bail after being charged with misdemeanor drug possession and for driving on a suspended license. On Wednesday, the rapper avoided a bench warrant by showing up in a Los Angeles court a day late for a preliminary hearing

related to still another arrest last month (see [article id="1429439"]"Ol' Dirty Bastard Arrested For Wearing Bulletproof Vest"[/article]).