Raekwon Talks About His Acting Debut In "Black & White"

Raekwon's been a busy guy over the past several months; besides recording his second solo album "Immobilarity," which debuted at number nine on this week's "Billboard" album chart, he's kicked off his acting career with a role in the film "Black & White."

The Wu rapper plays "Cigar" in the movie, which concerns a group of white, privileged New York City teens and their fascination with uptown hip-hop culture. It's the next film by director-writer James Toback, the man behind "Two Girls And A Guy."

Power, one of the behind-the-scenes founders of the Wu-Tang Clan empire, also has a role in the movie, along with a few of Hollywood's finest. The celebs on the set left even Raekwon, whose only previous big-screen experience was in the documentaries "Rhyme & Reason" and "The Show," a bit starstruck.

"It was an experience," Rae explained to MTV News. "I got a chance to meet some actors that I never

thought I would be able to meet. Brooke Shields, we knew about her since we were little kids. She was mad cool. Robert Downey [Jr.], Mike Tyson... Me and Mike, we [were in] the trailer goin' through it back and forth, like, 'Yo, baby, the streets is watchin' both of us.' I basically got a chance to really just touch people that I'm a fan of too." [RealAudio]

As for making the transition from rapping to acting, Rae said it was made a lot easier by the improvisational, off-the-cuff style of directing and scripting that Toback is known for.

"It was like a self-made script," Rae explained. "It's like [Toback will] come in there, he'll coach us on something... a topic he want us to get on, and he'll let us finesse it the way we wanted to. So basically, it wasn't acting. It was just real life."

"I'm used to being in front of the camera," he continued, "so I didn't even look at it like it was a movie.... I ain't even try to be getting too nervous with it or whatever,

because I just wanted [the filmmaker] to be happy."

"Black & White," which also features Method Man, Bijou Phillips, Kidada Jones, Jared Leto, and Claudia Schiffer, is slated to open in March 2000.

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