O.D.B. Likely To Get Two Years Behind Bars, Prosecutor Says

SonicNet's Teri vanHorn and Christopher O'Connor report

Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, back behind bars after being kicked out of a drug-rehabilitation center last week, will serve more jail or possibly prison time, prosecutors in Los Angeles and Queens, New York, said Tuesday.

The 31-year-old Wu-Tang Clan MC (born Russell Jones) was discharged from the Impact House live-in drug-treatment program in Pasadena, California, and transferred to the program's jail facility (Biscaluz Recovery Center in downtown Los Angeles) on Thursday.

The discharge came after O.D.B. allegedly got drunk following a New York court appearance on drug charges. He will stay at the recovery center at least until his February 25 sentencing hearing for the alleged violation.

"Both sides of the country have their hands on him," Queens prosecutor Ken Holder of the Queens District Attorney's office said, adding, "There is no doubt" that the troubled rapper is looking at at

least two years behind bars, even if he is given another chance in Los Angeles.

But another chance isn't likely, according to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Daniel. The prosecutor said she will seek a jail sentence "at the very least, if not state prison."

When Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel sentenced O.D.B. in November, she warned him that he would go to jail if he were to violate his three years of probation, or if he failed to successfully complete a year at Impact House. The sentence followed the rapper's conviction in two Los Angeles cases; one for making terrorist threats, the other for wearing a bulletproof vest.

An Impact House spokesperson said he was legally bound not to discuss clients; calls to O.D.B.'s Los Angeles attorney, Robert Shapiro, were not returned by press time. A spokesperson at O.D.B.'s label, Elektra, could not be reached.

Holder said he initially had planned to defer sentencing O.D.B. in the Queens case until

the rapper had finished his program with Impact House. Once O.D.B. had completed his treatment, the prosecutor had planned to review the rapper's progress reports and possibly reduce his punishment. That would have required the MC to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve one year in jail.

"Considering how he acted in court and [his dismissal from Impact], I'm not going to offer him that plea anymore," Holder said.

A Queens judge likely will issue a bench warrant for O.D.B. on Tuesday, when he fails to appear for a scheduled hearing on drug charges, Holder said, adding that the city will consider extraditing O.D.B. to New York.

O.D.B. is due in two other New York courthouses Tuesday: He is expected in Brooklyn Criminal Court on drug charges stemming from a March arrest and in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of illegally operating a vehicle.

Frankel said he would appear for all three cases on his client's behalf.