Ol' Dirty Ordered To Prison For Evaluation

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard is being sent to the California Department of Corrections for a 90-day evaluation after admitting on Friday in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom that he had violated his probation.

While in state prison, O.D.B. (real name Russell Jones) will have his criminal record assessed and will undergo a psychological evaluation. Officials from the Chino, California facility will then send their recommendation back to the judge, who will place O.D.B. back on probation or sentence him to serve prison time.

The rapper is due back in court on June 23.

O.D.B. has remained behind bars since January, when he was kicked out of the Impact House drug treatment facility. The rapper was thrown out of Impact House after allegedly getting drunk following a New York court appearance in January (see "O.D.B. Likely To Get Two Years Behind Bars, Prosecutor Says").