Raekwon Adds Cream Team To Wu-Tang Family

In addition to appearing in the upcoming race relations film, "Black And White," Wu-Tang Clan family members Raekwon and Power also oversaw the movie's soundtrack, which features appearances from Xzibit, Mobb Deep, Dead Prez, Queen Pen, the X-ecutioners, Big Pun, Korn's Jonathan Davis, and Everlast.

Raekwon himself appears on two songs, including the first single, "It's Not A Game," which also features fellow Wu-Tanger Rza and is performed by a group of newcomers, American Cream Team.

"See, the Cream Team is me and Power's new group that we've assembled together," Raekwon said of American Cream Team. "This is another offspring of the Wu-Tang Clan family... like another branch, you know. For me, I was loving the song. You get to hear different brothers like myself and Rza on it, and [the Cream Team] really have their heads set and they're ready to do it."

American Cream Team makes second appearance on the album with the song "Middle Finger Attitude."

The "Black And White" film, written and directed by James Toback ("Two Girls And A Guy"), is due out on April 5. In addition to Raekwon and Power, the movie's cast includes Robert Downey, Jr., Allan Houston, Bijou Phillips, Brooke Shields, Method Man, Mike Tyson, and Sticky Fingaz (see "Raekwon Talks About His Acting Debut In 'Black & White'").

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