Wu-Tang Clan Plans New Album, Video

Three years after delivering "Wu-Tang Forever," seminal East Coast rap collective the Wu-Tang Clan is finishing up its next effort and expects to shoot the first video in the coming weeks.

The group is currently in the studio and hopes to wrap production on its as-yet untitled next project before hitting the road on July 24 for a one-month U.S. tour (see "Wu-Tang Clan Assembles For Summer Tour").

The Wu camp is also planning to push out a video before the tour kicks off. The group has yet to choose the first single from its upcoming album, but it still intends to shoot a video for the track within the next week.

No release date has been set yet for the next Wu effort, but it is expected to arrive sometime this fall.

The Wu album sessions and tour see the group's many members reconvening after various solo projects. Although members of the group are happy with their success,

Wu associate Power says that he'd be happy doing something else if it came to that, and encourages Wu fans to do the same.

"The message I want to drop to the people is that I believe everybody should have goals regardless as to how small and how big," Power recently told MTV Radio. "If you're the dude that's sweeping the floor from day to day, week to week, just tryin' to pay your bills and take care of your family and just be healthy and live life, you're accomplishing your goals every day. Never be ashamed or afraid to be who you are, just be yourself." [RealAudio]

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