GZA Shooting Wu-Tang Documentary

Raekwon may be known as the "Chef" of Wu-Tang Clan, but he won't be the only member of the hip-hop group working the pots and pans in an upcoming Wu-Tang documentary.

"A lot of it has to do with us in the kitchen — cookin', throwin' food, havin' debates, speakin' about things," Wu-Tang MC GZA, who is directing the project, said recently. "With real fine editing, it could be nice."

GZA has been compiling footage for a documentary on the Staten Island, New York, group ever since Wu-Tang reunited in the spring to begin work on their third album, The W (November 21). The rappers holed up in a house in Los Angeles for two months during pre-production for the LP.

"I'm trying to finish it up, but as time goes on, there's always more I want in there," GZA said about the film, which has no release date planned yet. "Documentaries sometimes can be shot over 10 years. You plan to stop in two, but you still gotta catch more."

GZA originally

planned to make a documentary about himself and began shooting footage while he was on a solo tour in Europe. He found the experience so liberating that he decided to broaden his plans and tackle a Wu documentary.