Bono On The Pope: "The First Funky Pontiff"

Jubilee 2000's campaign to convince the world's leaders to cancel the debt owed to the world's richest countries by the poorest ones just got a boost -- in the form of a Papal endorsement, inspiring U2 singer Bono to refer to the current Pope as "the first funky Pontiff."

Yesterday, Pope John Paul II met with a delegation of high profile members of the Jubilee 2000 organization, including Bono, Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof and producer/record label head Quincy Jones, among others.

After being addressed by Jubilee 2000 director and co-founder Ann Pettifor, the Pope made a strong appeal to world leaders to take urgent and decisive action towards resolving the debt before the end of the year.

Following the closed door meeting, Bono told a press conference that he was impressed by the Pope. "He's one of the great showmen of the twentieth century. I told him this and he picked up my wraparound shades and put them on. He's great, such grace and humanity. The first

funky Pontiff."

-- Brian Ives