Montell Jordan Turns To Marvin Gaye For New Single

Instead of resting on his current success, Montell Jordan is trying to build on it, and is looking to one great soul for inspiration.

Jordan is currently doing quite well with his gold album, "Let's Ride," and his platinum plus single of the same name, but he has already released hi next single, "When U Get Home," a song that pays tribute to Marvin Gaye.

"I think I've always tried to pay tribute to Marvin Gaye through my music," Jordan recently told our colleagues in the MTV Radio Network. "It's just this one specifically uses a song that he did called 'I Want You,' and I think it's very tastefully done and very creatively done. And not only that, I think it will draw up feelings of nostalgia when people hear the record."

People are already getting a taste of that nostalgia as the song has hit radio, and the video, featuring Billy Dee Williams, has hit the airwaves.