Garbage's "Version 2.0" To "Push It" This Spring

The long-awaited follow-up to Garbage's '95 eponymous album will be out either May 5 or May 12, a source told MTV News, but it depends on whether the band can get its hands on its tapes for mastering by the end of next month.

Titled "Version 2.0, " it's described as a 12 track "noisy pop album." The first single, due in mid-April, will be called "Push It," with no apparent relation to Salt-N-Pepa's song of the same name. The Beach Boys come into the picture though, as Shirley Manson sings the line "Don't Worry Baby" (a Beach Boys song) in the "Push It" single, therefore the band sent a tape to Brian Wilson, who wrote the Beach Boys' track, to see if there were any problems borrowing the line.

Wilson not only gave Garbage his permission to use the lyric, but he reportedly liked the song so much he wanted to keep the tape. Wilson, as it turns out, also has a new album due out this Spring called "Imagination."