Garbage Plans Club Tour For May, Full-Scale Tour For August

The tech-rock outfit Garbage will head out for a series of club dates in May to support their new album, "Version 2.0," as well as help the band prepare for a full-scale tour slated to launch in mid-August.

Garbage has tentative plans to kick off a mini-tour in Toronto on May 24, and will include stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington and New York. The exact dates and venues for the May shows have not been confirmed.

When MTV News caught up with Garbage in Madison, Wisconsin, shortly after it finished the new record, which is due out May 12, the band talked about the importance of playing live and what it meant to the group.

"You can't get the kind of adrenaline rush in the studio that you get from playing live," said drummer/programmer Butch Vig during an interview at Smart Sound Studios. "I mean it's just so -- the celebration, the celebratory give and take

between the audience and the band is really, really fun [750k QuickTime]. And as much as we like being in the studio I think we've been -- we're sick of it at this point. You know it took a long time to make the album and I think we're anxious to go out and try and play these songs live and see how we'll interpret them, and see if people like 'em."

Bassist Steve Marker also addressed Garbage's desire to strike out on its own tour this Fall, possibly with the Fun Lovin' Criminals as openers, and the band's reason for by-passing a chance to headline this year's Lollapalooza festival.

"It's really important to us to get out there and try and do a tour on our own terms," Marker said. "So we're going to be doing a lot of touring this year, but it's going be mainly us, just us. We don't want to get buried in a big package tour right now" [1MB QuickTime].