Garbage Finds Friendly Faces Greeting Opening Act DJs

Garbage is currently hitting the festival circuit in Europe, where the band recently made the rounds with techno-purveyors the Crystal Method in tow.

The band brought another electronic-flavored artist, Talvin Singh, on the road for its recent U.S. mini-tour, and so far has found their audiences embracing the acts with open arms.

"On the first tour, on the last record, we actually wanted to take a DJ out on tour and we felt in the end that people would get really confused and really bewildered as to why we had a DJ on stage," Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson recently told MTV News. "Also, we couldn't afford it in the end, bringing an extra person on the road, but it was always our intention in a way."

Manson went on to note that this time out, as the band was putting together its tour for "Version 2.0," the band revisited the idea, and found that the climate was a bit different.

"It has become more acceptable now," Manson said. "Because when you put on a show, you don't want to feel like you're cheating your fans. You don't want your fans coming to your show feeling pissed off, feeling like they got conned out of an opening band, so you keep their desires in mind when you're putting a package together. And this time we felt that because America has finally opened up to electronic music and dance music then the kids would get it [1.4MB QuickTime], they wouldn't be pissed off. They wouldn't start stoning our opening act, and then Talvin went down amazingly every single night. So it was a good call. We made the right choice in the end."

The band will continue to roll across Europe through the end of August, meaning the only chance Stateside fans will have to see the band is in its upcoming video for the track "I Think I'm Paranoid."